Wacker/Walker Ethnography-Your Swiss Heritage

Hello Palmers! May I introduce myself? I am peggyrosewalkerlupone also known as Peg. I am Barbara Foerch Palmer's youngest cousin from the Walker side of the family. I have recently "finished" (if you can call it that) a Wacker/Walker family ethnography for my masters degree in oral traditions. This work tries to go deeper than a genealogy (which cousin Lynette Melnichuk started in the 80's)by adding pictures and stories in a timeline. Through gathering these family stories, I tried to get a feel for who our ancesters were since I did not meet my grandparents and my father was very private about his life and family. My hope is that when I distribute this power point presentation on a CD file (to anyone that would like one) that others can add to it and share what I have learned about Rosina and Johannes Wacker, farmers who immigrated with their two oldest children from Switzerland in 1897.
I feel privileged to be included into the Swish Brook family and I must comment on how wonderfully many of you write in the narrative form. Also, I am struck by the farming traditions that I am sure are not only inherited Wacker/Walker passions but Palmer traits as well. The day he died, Grandpa Walker was out haying with a scythe at 91 years old, and one of your latest blogs talks about that same farm chore of haying and tossing it!
I want to thank you, Barbara, for the wonderful visit and interview in April 2007 and for the comprehensive resources that you and Peter provided for this endeavor. You will be recieving a full report as a CD in the mail soon!
Thank you for listening and I will be in touch,
Peg :)