Re: Jasmine etc

Etc means Swishbrook. I tried to use the password that Martha helped me
to get. They don't like that one so I have to wait for Jerry to search
for my original password which Grandpa entered specified as"enter
automatically. I think that I may be electronically Handicapped or
disabled or something.

I did enjoy reading Andrew's narrative. Does your local take written
contributions? Does Avery recalling at Grandpa's funeral. He took it
ins stride. I appreciated his behavior.

Cassie et al have been haying. She mowed, crimped the hay and It Rained.
Today she tossed it and as Floyd said Tomorrow they 'will do whatever
is they have to. Only another week of school! Becky is working in the
barns at UConn and Cassie has a job in a Day Care Center in Ellington. I
got a kneeling bench so I can do more weeding, but today I thought it was
too hot. I am good at finding excuses