The "new" sheep pasture at The Palmer Family Farm.

The pasture where Daisy and many other cows used to live has been unused for many years. Awhile ago discussion began about having sheep from "up the hill" come live here.Peter drew up a lease and preparations for this wonderful project began with Floyd trimming out tree and shrub growth along the fence line and in the pasture. He had help from Becky, Cassie and Spencer along the way. The fence was next and then..... ten sheep!!!!

Palmer Sheep

They seemed so happy with their new place right from the minute they arrived, running here and there together {like sheep} to find the best bits of grass and the new water hole. The barn is once again in use for their shelter and they really are a great addition! (I am hoping that Eddie will add a picture if one came out well from yesterday.) Edit: added a picture taken by Michelle while Eddie was talking to Floyd instead of taking cute sheep pictures).