Celebrating Birthdays

Enjoying fall with family and friends is one of the most pleasant things to do and this weekend was nothing short of landmark in that regard. To start the games off we had a great gathering at the "Oakdale Beales'" place to celebrate Michelle's 40th Birthday on Saturday and boy was it a celebration indeed! Many ventured from Deep and Wide to be there with her. It was great to see extended family as well as the usual suspects (like Fred Bird...suspect at all times indeed) and I had many meaning full, deep and intellectually stimulating conversations with as many of those people as I could. Well, ok...I TALKED to most everyone anyway.

Sunday brought about a whole new bag of tricks as, upon the departure of my wife to go goof around with the lady folk at the Palmer baby shower, I was promptly greeted by 4 adults and 10 (YES...TEN) additional kids at our humble abode. 5 adults, 12 kids...mayhem and madness running a-muck. Truth be told, everyone was on fantastic behavior (even Abe) and the kids played and played and played, as well as doing that which kids do...eat pizza and destroy the cleanliness of EVERYTHING! What a fantastic family we have. We are truly blessed in so many ways.

Next Saturday is Evan's birthday extravaganza and I'm looking forward to doing it all again and seeing many of the same faces which were so bright this weekend.

Have a good week!