Moving on

As some or all of you may have heard, The "Coventry Beales" er, Palmers will soon become the "Willington Beales". We have decided to move NOW due to the fact that Evan will be school age and starting this fall. It's important for us to have him start school in the town we'd ultimately be living in long-term.

Tree Trimming

Here's a crazy picture from the Beale's place in Tolland. That's a big tree branch!
 Now that's a big branch!Tree Trimming with Ed Beale: Now that's a big branch!

Middle of Nowhere Diner

Yesterday I had to drive a friend to the Providence Airport. My father works about 2 miles from the terminal at the Coast Guard Civil Engineering Unit, so I figured I should drop in and see about going to lunch. Dad was ready to hit the road after preparing for a long couple days in New York. We went to Exeter, Rhode Island and The Middle of Nowhere Diner along Route 3. Very interesting place, and typical of most adventures I've had on the road with Dad.

Yay, Family Blog!

Only having two decades of life to my name my memories are a bit limited compared to the others in my generation. Because of the huge age difference my memories are much different than everyone else's as well. Of course that doesn't mean I don't treasure them any less, in fact I treasure the time I have spent with my family very much and everything that reminds me of them. Probably the thing I enjoy the most is the shear size of our little clan, and the closeness that is present between all of us.

New "Events" calendar

You can add an event to the calendar through the "Create Content" section, and create an event. If you see an event that's not cross-posted to the discussion board, go ahead and help out by copying the information over.

Jonathan's birthday party

Michelle and I traveled to attend Jonathan's birthday party. It is always great to see the family, and the well-behaved little ones.
 Mmmmm! Cake!Jonathan Birthday Party: Mmmmm! Cake!

Swish Brook Site goes live

02/14/2008 - 18:00
02/14/2008 - 19:00

Swish Brook Site goes live! Enjoy.

"How the Swish Brook got it's name".

{I don't really Know} It was suggested that we answer this curious puzzle so I'll try. If Sharon, Allan, Peter, Carol, or Floyd can help I would welcome their input. When were very young I imagine we began calling this brook by the sound it makes. The water is seasonal and only flows from fall through spring to mid-summer depending on rainfall. This was one of the many places we played and imagined during the times we spent roaming as children. We had two other brooks to explore as well. The First Brook runs out of the pond.

Easter Egg Party

Aunt Martha used to host Easter egg decorating parties for her children and her nieces and nephews. She prepared by pre-cooking enough hard boiled eggs for 3 or 4 eggs for each participant. She protected her kitchen table by covering it with several layers of newspaper.

Finding my way in.

Being new to the ways of blogs and other strange things, I had one heck of a time figuring out how to create a new password.
The Swish brook is flowing neither deep nor wide-but fast, and making the characteristic "swishing" sound.

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