The Last Weekend in June

I was sitting reading The Fountainhead, and a cool breeze blew through the window. The breeze carried just a hint of Southern New England, but enough to transport me back over twenty years to a platform tent in Rhode Island, where my brothers and I spent the first week of the summer at Boy Scout camp - Yawgoog Scout Reservation.

Two of three black swallowtails have emerged and a spicebush swallowtail still growing

First of three June 2008 Black Swallowtails 

Recognition FAIL!

I coached my kids' baseball teams this year. At the end of the season the league has a picnic where all the players and families get together at a local park and eat burned hamburgers, hot dogs and warm potato salad. They also provide award participation metals for all the kids who played ball.

Future butterfly

 Glad that I have lots of dill to thin out.Black swallowtail: Glad that I have lots of dill to thin out.Black swallowtail chrysalis

Wacker/Walker Ethnography-Your Swiss Heritage

Hello Palmers! May I introduce myself? I am peggyrosewalkerlupone also known as Peg. I am Barbara Foerch Palmer's youngest cousin from the Walker side of the family. I have recently "finished" (if you can call it that) a Wacker/Walker family ethnography for my masters degree in oral traditions.

Promotion Monday!

Promotion Picture
Promotion Picture

Well, it was bound to happen if I stuck around long enough. I'm getting promoted, probably my last one. The press release has gone out, the new insignia have been purchased. Even the scrambled egg hat is ready to go. So Monday, 9 June 2008 is the fateful day.

Re: Jasmine etc

Etc means Swishbrook. I tried to use the password that Martha helped me
to get. They don't like that one so I have to wait for Jerry to search
for my original password which Grandpa entered specified as"enter
automatically. I think that I may be electronically Handicapped or
disabled or something.

I did enjoy reading Andrew's narrative. Does your local take written
contributions? Does Avery recalling at Grandpa's funeral. He took it
ins stride. I appreciated his behavior.

Cassie et al have been haying. She mowed, crimped the hay and It Rained.

RIP Jasmine

December, 1994- June 1, 2008

This past weekend our family endured one of those events that many people experience in life... and one that highlighted where we stand in our natural lifespan. Our goofy little beagle Jasmine died. Actually, I think she died twice.

The "new" sheep pasture at The Palmer Family Farm.

The pasture where Daisy and many other cows used to live has been unused for many years. Awhile ago discussion began about having sheep from "up the hill" come live here.Peter drew up a lease and preparations for this wonderful project began with Floyd trimming out tree and shrub growth along the fence line and in the pasture. He had help from Becky, Cassie and Spencer along the way. The fence was next and then..... ten sheep!!!!

Palmer Sheep

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