Clinical Trial

Just wanted everyone to know that I was accepted into a clinical trial at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston!

Swish Brook Update

Please add to the Swish Brook for me.
We have had a lot of fairly heavy rain so
The Swish Brook is running loud and strong.
One cannot see it in casual passing but it you
are looking for it it is its usual self and a wonder
to see. One of the wonders of nature.

Love to you all

more bee keeping kids

more bee keeping kids

bee keeping kids

bee keeping kids

Spring Time!

So as is customary this time of year all sorts of young critters are being born on farms far and near. Personally we have a single lamb on our farm that belongs to one of my mother's 4-Hers. She's a cute little black thing he named Isabelle, her mother's name is Nellie Belle, her mother's name is Nellie, I kinda like the progression that is occurring!

Pizza (All approximate and to taste)

I have had this dough be tasty either on one quick rise or overnight in the fridge, but usually it gets started mid-morning for dinnertime pizza.

Into the mixer go:
About 1 Cup each of Semolina or Semolina/Durum blend, whole wheat flour and bread flour
About 2 tsp instant dry yeast
About 2 tbs olive oil
About 2 tbs orange juice
About 1.5 C chlorine free water at about room temperature
This I mix and let sit for 10 minutes or a couple hours, covered.
When ready to make it doughlike I add to the mixer:
2 Tbs salt (I use Kosher, don't know if it matters)


I don't know about the rest of you, but I am getting tired of winter. I hate to rush time because as I get older it goes fast enough so I won't say I want it to be spring sooner I'll just say I want some consistancy in the warm weather and sunshine.
Also, I am one of those old people who uses facebook so if anyone is interested............. Oddly enough my kids won't be my friends - " 'Cuz its just too weird, Mom!" Go figure, but truth be told I probably wouldn't have been my Mom's friend either.

New Member of the Family

For those of you who may not of heard, Terry and Kurt are now proud parents to Emily Nicole Christopher. She was born at 7:28 am this morning. Emily is 7 lbs, 15 oz and 21 inches in length. Congratulations Terry and Kurt!

Emily Nicole Christopher

Hints of Spring Feb 27, 2009

Hints of Spring Feb 27, 2009

Winter aconite soon to open and it certainly did in the very warm days to follow, but now has been snowed on again.

Let the good times roll!

Michelle and Ed were in the kitchen Monday night prepping for the annual Mardi Gras luncheon at the Academy. We'd gotten two king cakes from Pollman's Bakery in Mobile, AL. And of course we broke out the collection of beads and the Zydeco CDsicon. Great food, music, and fun. Laissez les bontemps roulez! Cooking jambalaya in Connecticut, Feb 2009
Mardi Gras Madness 2009: Cooking jambalaya in Connecticut, Feb 2009

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