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Swish Brook Update

Please add to the Swish Brook for me.
We have had a lot of fairly heavy rain so
The Swish Brook is running loud and strong.
One cannot see it in casual passing but it you
are looking for it it is its usual self and a wonder
to see. One of the wonders of nature.

Love to you all

Re: Jasmine etc

Etc means Swishbrook. I tried to use the password that Martha helped me
to get. They don't like that one so I have to wait for Jerry to search
for my original password which Grandpa entered specified as"enter
automatically. I think that I may be electronically Handicapped or
disabled or something.

I did enjoy reading Andrew's narrative. Does your local take written
contributions? Does Avery recalling at Grandpa's funeral. He took it
ins stride. I appreciated his behavior.

Cassie et al have been haying. She mowed, crimped the hay and It Rained.

Spring Plantings

For those of you who are interested in The old homestead:
If you think of anything around here that would go well at your house,
please come with a shovel or trowel of container. I have some old roses
spirea, pineapple bush and flowering quince.

Lots of Love,


Name Rosie's Lamb

Hurray for Spring lambs

I have several roses that could give the new lamb a proper name. One yellow, Richardson The beach roses are rugged, single, either pink or white.Can't remember the name.

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